Self-contained racks with cooling

Any industry that makes extensive use of IT equipment would be aware of the amount of effort it requires to maintain a Controlled Environment for their Equipment. The majority of Servers generate a lot of heat in a relatively smaller form factor. Since in due course of Computing these devices dissipate a lot of heat which has to be addressed with a proper cooling Strategy or otherwise, they can hinder the overall efficiency of a data centre. If these IT equipment are not kept in a controlled environment, they may suffer Pre-Mature failure.

It is important to ensure that cabinets, where your Mission-critical equipment is mounted, do not get overheated due to lack of cooling and poor airflow management. Netrack, one of India’s leading manufacturer of rack enclosures vouch for their iRack Series when it comes to Self-Cooled Racks. These systems offer a unique solution by incorporating air-conditioning into the rack itself. Below are products of Self Cooled Family…

– IRack

A futuristic, environmental-friendly solution for IT infrastructures, iRack is a self-contained, self-powered server rack with a self-cooling capability. It is designed with an innovative air-flow for effective thermal performance to meet all redundancies, along with a feature that helps in fire detection and suppression, intelligent locking, intelligent power monitoring. IRack provides the user with ample space, making it suitable for use in industries like SME, Pharmaceutical, Warehouses, and office space where the requirement will be for 1 or 2 cabinets.

– IRack Block

IRack Block is a miniature of your Data-Center with Precession Cooling and other necessary accessories to complete itself as a Data-center. The In-rack cooling runs on R410 refrigerant which helps in reducing the carbon footprint, along with Inverter Driven technology to achieve higher PUE, thereby leading to huge saving up on Opex cost. IRack Block is a completely scalable and modular solution thereby providing an option to build as the Business grows instead of investing in huge Capex initially.

– Panel mount AC rack

Maintaining an optimum temperature for the machine’s critical equipment is highly important. In industries such as warehouses, shop floors, or cafeterias air conditioning system is not easily available, and creating an environment with optimal cooling is expensive. In such situations providing the necessary cooling for networking equipment becomes difficult. The Panel Mount self-cooling server rack from Netrack offers a cooling capacity in the range of 0.7kW to 7kW.

These solutions are easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance supporting their installation at remote locations. 

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